What is FasTrak?

You can use your South Bay Expressway Fastrak® transponder to pay tolls on any California toll road or bridge that displays the FasTrak logo. A list of California FasTrak facilities are listed below:

San Diego County

  1. South Bay Expressway - SBXthe125.com
  2. I-15 Express Lanes* – 511sd.com/fastrak

 * You can use your South Bay Expressway FasTrak transponder when traveling on the I-15 Express Lanes. If you are carpooling on the I-15 Express Lanes, you don't have to pay a toll. Simply place your transponder in a Mylar® bag before entering the I-15 Express Lanes, which will prevent the transponder from being read. If you do not have a Mylar bag for your transponder to use while carpooling, you can request one free of charge. Just contact us at (619) 661-7070 and we'll be glad to mail you one, or visit our Customer Service Center at 1129 La Media Road, San Diego, CA 92154. To avoid a violation, please remember to remove your transponder from the Mylar bag and properly re-mount it in your windshield before driving on South Bay Expressway.

 Los Angeles

Metro Expresslanes (I-10 and I-110) – metroexpresslanes.net

 If you have a South Bay Expressway-issued transponder, customers can use the Metro HOT lanes no matter how many people are in the vehicle; HOV discounts will not be provided and the SOV (Single Occupancy Vehicle) rate will be charged.

If you have a Metro-issued switchable FasTrak® transponder and plan to drive on South Bay Expressway, be sure to set the transponder switch to the Single Occupancy setting regardless of the number of passengers. Please visit the Metro Expresslanes website for more information.

Orange County

  1. 91 Express Lanes – 91expresslanes.com
  2. The Toll Roads (SR 73, SR 133, SR 241, SR 261) – thetollroads.com

San Francisco Bay Area
Bay Area Toll Authority (all Bay Area bridges, including the Golden Gate Bridge, I-680 Express Lanes) – bayareafastrak.org

 Note for Metro Expresslanes/Toll Roads/San Francisco Bay Area FasTrak customers 

If you have a switchable FasTrak® transponder issued by Metro/Toll Road/San Francisco Bay Area and plan to drive on South Bay Expressway, be sure to set the transponder switch to the Single Occupancy setting regardless of the number of passengers.  


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Important Information about our Customer Service Center

In observance of Thanksgiving the Customer Service Center will be closed for both phone and walk-in customers on Thursday and Friday, November 26 and 27 . We will be open during normal business hours and will be happy to assist with inquiries on the next business day, Monday, November 30. 

Cash-paying customers should also note that the Otay Mesa Toll Plaza will not have toll attendants on duty. Travelers should be prepared to use the automated cash and credit card machines to pay the toll - exact change is required. Please plan accordingly.

We apologize for any inconvenience.